(split) Keel - Glass On

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The (split) Keel is a large based keel with all of its drive and highline speed split into a quad and offset allowing the board more top-to-bottom options and tons of hold through your turns.  This fin set up works best on wide tailed boards with the fins clustered tight to the rail. We leave plenty of flex in the front fin to be dialed in by you and or your shaper.


FRONTS - Depth: 4.5” // Base: 5.5 // Foil: flat 

REARS - Depth: 4 // Base: 3.6 // Foil: 80/20 


    Skateboard waste Maple - Pre-consumer Maple ply sourced from skateboard manufacturing waste.

    4/6oz fiberglass cloth - Highest quality scrap fiberglass cloth sourced from surfboard laminating waste.

    Entropy Resins Bio-Epoxy - A zero VOC plant-based epoxy resin


    Designed and Manufactured in Oregon, USA

      All fins are made to order and will ship in 3-6 days

      We manufacture our fins in small batches to maintain consistency and high quality.

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