(Oz+) Twin - Glass On

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The (Oz+) Twin is a classic take on the upright twinny template made famous by Mark Richards in the late 70's early 80's, just fatter.  This specific template has a slightly filled out tip and base which when blended with the load/release flex of the Maple gives this fin a ton of drive and response. Think winged swallow tail, TFP, channels ,or, outside that box all together.


Depth: 5.5” // Base: 5.25 // Foil: flat 


    Skateboard waste Maple - Pre-consumer Maple ply sourced from skateboard manufacturing waste.

    4/6oz fiberglass cloth - Highest quality scrap fiberglass cloth sourced from surfboard laminating waste.

    Entropy Resins Bio-Epoxy - A zero VOC plant-based epoxy resin


    Designed and Manufactured in Oregon, USA

      All fins are made to order and will ship in 3-6 days

      We manufacture our fins in small batches to maintain consistency and high quality.

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