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All fins are made to order, please allow 10-14 days for delivery.


* Compatible with Futures boxes 


The (A) Keel's shallow, heavily raked template at 49.9 degrees is designed specifically to generate down-the-line speed and control needed for fishes and your wide-tailed short twins.  With an extra stiff base to increase drive and a medium-stiff progressive flex throughout the core and tip, this fin works great for generating speed as well as providing the stability needed for more critical sections.  


Sustainability minded, high quality surfboard fins made in the USA using skateboard and surfboard manufacturing waste. With all the sensitivity, response and "pop" of your skateboard go faster on your favorite twin fin with the ultra-light (A) Keels.


Depth: 4.62” // Base: 6.6” // Rake: 49.9 deg // Area: 22.6” // Foil: flat // Cant: 5 deg


    Skateboard waste - Pre-consumer Maple plywood sourced from skateboard manufacturing waste.  

    6oz fiberglass cloth (blended waste and raw material) - We partner with surfboard laminators to source offcuts created during the surfboard glassing process. 

    Epoxy Resin- Higher energy storage and transfer as well as more impact resistant then polyester resins. 

    SkateCore Construction

    SkateCore- 7 ply Sugar Maple has been the industry standard for skateboard construction for the last 2 decades.  This is due to its long tubular fibers that give Maple its unique light-weight blend of strength and quick-rebounding flex which give skateboards their "pop".

    BatteryBase- "Flex where you want it and not where you don't."  The solid fiberglass BatteryBase adds extra stiffness to the base of the fin to minimize flex increasing drive and energy storage while allowing the SkateCore to flex naturally.

    RTM(Resin Transfer Molding)- A composite manufacturing process borrowed from the aerospace industry that allows us to consistently create fins with the highest strength to weight ratio while also minimizing our own manufacture waste.



    Designed and Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, USA