materials and tech in Pushfins


Skateboard Decks -  All of our fin cores are made from 100% pre-consumer North American Maple plywood from the skateboard manufacturing industry.  This waste consists of blemished Maple veneers, such as having knots, slight cracking or heavy grain.  We are then able to work around these blemishes selecting only the best sections of the wood for fin cores. 

Scrap Fiberglass Cloth We partner with surfboard glassing shops to source their  high quality fiberglass waste on its way to the dumpster. This waste is generated when the cloth, which comes in rolls is trimmed to fit the parabolic shape of the surfboard prior to laminating.  

Entropy Resins Bio-Epoxy - Zero VOC plant-based epoxy resin 

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RTM(Resin Transfer Molding) - A composite manufacturing process borrowed from the aerospace industry that allows us to consistently create fins with the highest strength to weight ratio along with minimizing our own manufacture waste.
PopCore - 7 ply Sugar Maple has been the industry standard for skateboard construction for the last 3 decades. This is due to its long tubular fibers that give Maple its unique blend of strength and quick-rebounding flex which give skateboards as well as Pushfins their "POP".
DriverBase - Flex where you want it and not where you don't. The solid fiberglass DriverBase adds extra stiffness to the base of the fin to increase drive and allow the PopCore to flex naturally. The combination of the PopCore and DriverBase blends the strength, stability and drive of a fiberglass fin with the lightweight, speed generating qualities of a performance cored fin.

Made in Oregon, USA